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    Nordenskiöld Lodge

    We are proud to present the northernmost cabin for commercial trips on Svalbard. The cabin lies just in front of the majestic Nordenskiöld Glacier with breathtaking view just outside your bedroom window. The cabin is accessible by snowmobiles or dog sledges during winter and by boat during summer.
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  • Nordenskiöld Lodge:

    Adventure week!

    On this trip you will be cast far away from Longyearbyen right into the heart of the arctic land and to our Basecamp Nordenskiöld. Basecamp Nordenskiöld lies in front of the magnificent Nordenskiöld glacier. Here you can really feel the touch of the arctic nature around you!
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    NOK 14.600,-
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    Adventure with the Legend

    Guide on the trip is Ola Einang, the president of the Norwegian IFMG. We follow the famous polar heroes' footsteps, go on a walks and hikes around the mountains and shiny Glaciers, enjoy the campfire on the shore and bath in the sea with icebergs.
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    NOK 26.190,-

Nordenskiöld Lodge

We are proud to present our newest destination on Svalbard! 

Nordenskiöld Lodge
Nordenskiöld Lodge is the northernmost cabin for commercial trips on Spitsbergen. The cabin is located far away from any civilization and offers excellent possibilities for longer expeditions. With no running water or electricity Nordenskiöld is a true expedition lodge in the middle of the arctic, but with modern comforts. We use wood to heat up the cabin and get our drinking water from the melting glacier. There are 5 bedrooms with fantastic arctic view, 10 comfortable beds, no running water, indoor toilet and a traditional Finnish sauna. The cabin is modern and comfortable with big windows giving away to the mighty glacier. Laying in the glacier moraine the cabin is well hidden from the rest of the world!. This is a place where you can enjoy the arctic silence in peace. You can enjoy your breakfast while looking right over to the magnificent Nordenskiöld glacier or relax in the sunny terrace with warm coffee and if you are lucky you can watch polar bear hunt for seals on the sea ice.

Where is the Expedition Lodge?
Nordenskiöld Lodge is situated in of the side fjords of Isfjorden in Billefjorden. Nordenskiöld Lodge lies right next to the shoreline in Adolfbukta, which is one of the inner bays in Billefjorden, right next to the mighty glacier Nordenskiöld. Nordenskiöld glaicer is part of the bigger glacier systems stretching all the way to the north cost of Spitsbergen, making the northern parts of the high arctic archipelago very accessible from the Nordenskiöld Lodge. The famous Atomfjella - a very interesting skiing destination for those looking for true arctic adventure on skies - is pretty much "just around the corner" from Nordenskiöld Lodge.

How to reach the Lodge?
During summer you can reach the cabin by boat from Longyearbyen. It is about two hour's boat drive from the Longyearbyen harbor on good weather. We use open polarcircle boats to cross the Isfjorden to Nordenskiöld Lodge. During winter time you can drive to the lodge with dog sledges or snowmobiles. We have several interesting tours for the winter that combine the ship in the ice and Nordenskiöld under same expedition! But no matter which season you pick it is certain to be an adventurous trip into the true high arctic!

If you are looking for true arctic story with big glaciers, mighty mountains and rough moraine, this is the place to come!

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