New Years with polar bears

    This is a trip is perfect for adventurous adults! We have created an interesting New Year’s adventure for you with snowmobiling trips and norhtern lights topped with luxury accommodation.
    Prices from:
    NOK 13.500,-
  • Isfjord Radio:

    Christmas under the northern lights

    What would be a better place to spend your Christmas holidays than in the middle of the true wilderness, close to the north pole together with polar bears and northern lights?
    Prices from:
    NOK 14.490,-
  • Basecamp Spitsbergen:

    Arctic Legend

    Join us for 3 days dogsledding trip to the Ship in the Ice. Follow in the footsteps of Nansen to Tempelfjorden and the Ship in The Ice, driving your own dogsledge. You will sleep onboard the 100 year old schooner and experience Spitsbergen's amazing nature at close range.
    Prices from:
    NOK 17.900,-
  • Isfjord Radio:

    Magic of the Arctic

    Experience the Magical Arctic from the luxurious Isfjord Radio. We will travel by boat to Isfjord Radio - the last frontier before Greenland. Explore the mighty Esmark Glacier and observe the arctic fauna. Who knows you might even meett the King of the Arctic - Polar bear!
    Prices from:
    NOK 8.890,-
  • Nordenskiöld Lodge:

    Adventure week

    On this trip you will be cast far away from Longyearbyen right into the heart of the arctic land to our Nordenskiöld Lodge. Nordenskiöld lies in front of the magnificent Nordenskiöld glacier. Here you can really feel the touch of the arctic nature around you!
    Prices from:
    NOK 14.600,-
  • Trapper's Station:

    Dogs on wheels

    Try dogsledding at summer time and driving your own dogteam on wheels. Our 90 Alaska Huskies greet you in the dogyard - all eager to go on a trip. You will learn the basics of dogdriving and harness your own team. On the way you might see reindeer and birds in their natural habitat.
    Prices from:
    NOK 790,-
  • Our destinations:

    Trapper's Hotel

    Stay at the most unique hotel in Longeyarbyen. Decorated in traditional trapper’s style with driftwood, sealskins, pictures and objects that illustrate the past and current life in the Arctic. Despite the rustic style, the hotel has a high standard and modern comforts.
    Prices per double room from
    NOK 2.190,-
  • Basecamp Spitsbergen:

    Arctic Spirit

    On this unique day trip you will get to experience the best glalicer at Isfjord are. You will hike with our professional guide at Nordenskiöld glaicer and discover the magicla blue ice around you. On the way back you will visit Pyramiden, the ghoast mining town.
    Prices from:
    NOK 3.290,-
  • Isfjord Radio:

    Taste of the Arctic

    Would you like to taste the arctic adventure? Join us for two day trip to the Isfjord Radio by boat. Travel over the beautiful Isfjord and enjoy the arctic nature around you. At Isfjord Radio you can experience arctic luxury unexpectex so far in the wilderness.
    Prices from:
    NOK 5.890,-
  • Basecamp Spitsbergen:

    Isfjord Radio

    Isfjord Radio, Cape Linné, has a unique location on the edge of Isfjorden, surrounded by majestic scenery and with fantastic views of the Arctic Ocean. At Isfjord Radio you can experience arctic luxury unexpected so far in the wilderness. Join us for memories of life time!
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  • Longyearbyen:

    Mountain Scrambling

    This is the trip for those who wish to take a different hiking trip in the breathtaking nature in Spitsbergen! Join our experienced guide on a daytrip on the mountains around Longyearbyen.
    Price from:
    NOK 1.190,-

Winter Adventures

Enjoy the luxury of Isfjord Radio, explore the unique Ship in the Ice or explore the blue glacier at Nordenskiöld lodge. Choice is yours! 

Summer trips

Do you want to experience the Arctic at Summer time! We can warmly reccomend our overnight trips to Isfjord Radio or Nordenskiöld. The best way to experience the true Arctic!


Are you looking for a special holiday? We can taylor made your dream to come true! No matter if you are traveling with small individula group or big bussiness meetings we will make it perfect for you!

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